Baby Days & Me

Ok I lied, I do care how much I weigh while being pregnant and probably will worry about what I weigh when I’m old and grey in my nursing home :)  I went to McDonalds last night for tea - I never usually go but we needed something quick before the film started at the cinema. 

For some reason before my shower when I got home I braved the scales and was so shocked to see 10st 8lbs, especially as I weighed dead on 10st when I got weighed at the hospital last month, although it’s hardly surprised with the amount of snacking I’m doing.  I still stand by the theory that each boob weigh half a stone each!  I’m back at the gym later for a good workout with Eleanor so I’ll feel better then.  The weather is so nice today, I want to go for a walk to the harbour too.

Carl is back from his course in Telford later, I plan on cooking cheesy chicken wrapped in parma ham with roasted parsnip and sweet potato mash.  Mmm. 

I’m 19 weeks pregnant today, a week today and we’ll have our 20 week scan, really cannot wait to see the baby again!

Shock horror I don’t have anything planned this weekend which is really unusual.  I’m sure Carl will waste no time in making plans for us when he’s home! xx

Coolest present off my sister - chocolate for me and a chocolate themed baby grow for the baby :-) I sat through over 500 of Lucy’s Vegas pics tonight - I wouldn’t mind going there myself x x

Coolest present off my sister - chocolate for me and a chocolate themed baby grow for the baby :-) I sat through over 500 of Lucy’s Vegas pics tonight - I wouldn’t mind going there myself x x

It’s been a very uncomfortable day today, as soon as I started waking into work it felt like I had a really bad stitch in my left hand side, it stayed with me all morning. I thought it might be the baby pressing on a nerve or a pulling ligament but as the day went on I got a bit more worried.
At lunchtime I gave in and called my midwife. She asked if I had any other symptoms which I don’t and she suggested it might me a urinary infection. She told me to take paracetamol to see if it eases. It has this afternoon and I feel much better but still can feel some sort of niggle. If it continues I better get the all clear from my GP.

I had to cancel my Pilates class which is a shame, I just had a nice bath & have my PJ’s on so it’s a night on the sofa for moi.

I’m sure it’s normal to worry about every niggle especially when I haven’t had my 20 week scan yet, just 10 days to go until we have that and can’t wait! X

Had a fab weekend with Lorraine & Sam visiting us. They did bring the sun with them so it was nice to have a break from the rain.

Carl’s lasagne was a success on Friday - garlic bread went down nicely too (everyone’s garlic burps were rank though)

Saturday Ross called in for a catch up before heading to the pub to watch Wales vs England - Wales won so Carl was happy. I’m not a rugby person but admit it was a good game at the end. Had a lovely Indian meal afterwards at Rasoi.

Today I’ve actually sat through a whole game of football :-) I coped quite well haha. Arsenal won do I think Lorraine travelled home happy.

I took my gran to the cemetery this afternoon - she told my grandfather about the baby which was sweet - its such a shame he won’t be here when the baby is born - he would’ve been over the moon. I’m sure he’s looking down on us somewhere not missing out anyway.

Got fajitas for tea - Carl is outers on the sofa feeling ill so I’m in my PJ’s with full control of the remote - happy days! :-)

All in all - a great weekend with great friends x x

Well I didn’t make it to the gym in the end, my stomach still isn’t right so didn’t want to push it. Instead I came home and have done the ironing while Carl made lasagne.

I should be enjoying my pregnancy instead of stressing about my weight - I did enough of that before I got pregnant so from now on I won’t moan about my weight or the gym - I’m just going to take each day as it comes :-)

Going to have a nice bubble bath now and catch up with the soaps! Recorded Jackass 2 last night so will put that on when Carl gets back from the gym.

Can’t wait for the weekend to begin! X

Carl’s famous lasagne he’s made for Sam and Lorraines visit tomorrow! Yum!

Carl’s famous lasagne he’s made for Sam and Lorraines visit tomorrow! Yum!

Ouch, my stomach really hurts today, especially this morning when I woke up.  Got to throw away my lovely Farmhouse white bread later - it really doesn’t agree with me and my stomach has been so painful since yesterday I worry about the that’s chocolate and bread I have to give up.  Ah well, it’ll be good for my cholesterol levels.

I’m off to the gym again later - after seeing my fat arse in the exercise studio mirror last night I really need to get my act together.  Definitely need more gym clothes too, I’m squeezing into my clothes at the moment, not an attractive look! :)

Nearly the weekend - yey!!

White bread ban starts today!!

White bread ban starts today!!

Half way through the week already, I actually did a gym class tonight - chuffed I didn’t give it a miss like I usually do. I was ashamed of how I looked in the gym mirrors, my legs look humungous! So embarrassing. I really need to get my act together, I’ve got a bad stomach tonight and I know it’s down to too much bread. It’s white bread too so I need to cut bread out of my diet as well as chocolate.

I will have garlic bread obviously on Friday with Carl’s famous lasagne - cant let Lorraine have all the fun :-)

I’m watching One Born Every Minute now - looks bloody painful - excited to have our baby :-) x x

Well I’ve had my proper pancakes, Carl was dishing them up before I could eat them, I couldn’t keep up. They were tasty though but now I feel a bit sick! I’m usually on a never ending diet over previous years so it was nice to make them tonight - well eat them while Carl made them for me :-)

I managed to have a good workout at the gym after work with Eleanor today, glad I didn’t pull out again. The stair machine kills me, we can only manage 7 minutes on there so far, want to keep building on that. Also went on the bike and treadmill.

Day 2 of my chocolate ban has gone well, had plenty of chances to grab a bar today - I popped into Tesco’s twice but went straight past temptation! X